Cumulonimbus, storm cloud

video installation

The discovery of atmosphere is a sign of the romantic age.
Through it emotions, which are means of expressing the current social atmosphere, penetrate into a picture. The sky is not just a mere backdrop, but becomes one of the interests of the pictorial interpretation. Gloomy, dark and heavy sky refers to the feeling of no way out in the material and estranged world, for which a revolution and social upheaval is the only hope to live in harmony again.
Revolution was a process of purgation, which in the course of history has not fulfilled people`s expectations and the desire for a harmonious bond shifted from social upheavals to the significance of love and nature. Reconciliation of opposites and antagonisms by a synthesis remains a romantic utopia. Romanticism as an attitude, as an individual protest of the middle class, as a result and expression of one historical epoch fades away with its time. Yet, Romanticism as a desire for life fulfillment of a human individual will carry on in various forms further.