Retention and Protention


Retention and Protention processes personal issues and deal with past, present and future. It works with a particular moment in personal history, using its own aesthetic form. Processing of milestone in a relational history, seeing it through its own outputs in the form of personal correspondence.
Utilizes symbolic space in which to present - its depression and at the same openness, transparency, and especially permeability. The content of most personal communication is made available to the public eye, but it still has nothing to hide.
Content, the work moves in Husserl's phenomenology and the intentions of its importance.(Memories and expectations, according to Husserl's Phenomenology.)

Installation consists of a transparent text that is affixed to the frontal glass gallery space and works like a filter and an intro to the area with the installation that is behind it. Also contains the envelopes with letters, postcards - complete real correspondence, and photographs.