Gilding of 52

site specific installation, re-painted metal numbers on the doors

Gilding of 52 door numbers of changing rooms within the action 'Abandoned Recreation', which was focused on intervention in the abandoned architectural treasures in the spa town Trenčianske Teplice in Slovakia, responds to disregard, disrespect and failure to appreciate one's own history, the smallness of national pride and inability to capitalize on a 'resold' as typical for Slovak mentality.
'Gilding of 52' represents 52 numbers on the doors of the changing rooms in the area of a functionalist building legendary summer thermal swimming pool 'Zelená žaba' by the phenomenal architect of Czech origin, Bohuslav Fuchs.
The basic idea of the author's urban design was an effort to position the city more attractive by spa expansion into new positions of the sun on the terrace of the southern slope of Teplice Highlands. His bold proposal, but implemented only a small part - 'Zelená žaba' swimming. Swimming is an example of perfect symbiosis between architecture and nature to which it is incorporated. Each other to form a harmonious whole, the architecture also harm the natural environment, but rather enriches it. Functionally full-fledged construction is regarded as the pinnacle of organic functionalism in Slovakia.