site specific installation, Museum of Hungarian Culture / Bratislava

The work is based on 'a channel effect' occurring during dish-washing or showering when foam from a used shower gel comes out from a waste channel on a bathroom floor and slowly grows and expands. Foam is interesting and inspiring material. It moves, behaves and forms in an intriguing way – its gentle and silent existence disappears after a certain time.
The particular environment and character of a non-gallery space enabled me to transfer this phenomenon from a household and privacy of bathrooms into an open space with damp walls and echoes. With its tiled floor, the space remotely resembles a bathroom. In the middle of the space there is a built-in water pump and a draining shaft and a surrealist hoist with a metal string. Foam as a material could be a metaphor for a short and vulnerable existence, short-term expansion and evanescence.